Population demographics for tennessee counties

Explanation: and population of incorporated places in the boundaries of Van Buren. Ashland City. Banner Hill. Bean Station. Beersheba Springs. Bell Buckle. Belle Meade.

Berry Hill. Bethel Springs. Big Sandy. Bluff City. Bon Aqua Junction. Bulls Gap. Castalian Springs. Cedar Hill. Chapel Hill. Church Hill. Colonial Heights.

Cottage Grove. Crab Orchard. Cross Plains. Cumberland City. Cumberland Gap. Dodson Branch. Eagleton Village. East Cleveland. East Ridge. Estill Springs.

Caryville, Tennessee

Fairfield Glade. Fall Branch.

population demographics for tennessee counties

Falling Water. Flat Top Mountain. Forest Hills.

Memphis, Tennessee

Gilt Edge. Grand Junction. Green Hill. Hickory Valley. Hollow Rock.

Tennessee Population by County

Iron City.Inthe most populous county in Tennessee is Shelby County, home of Memphis, withresidents. This represents very slight growth of 0. Shelby County is followed by Davidson County, Knox County, Hamilton County, and Rutherford Countyas the only Tennessee counties with a population of more thanOf these counties, Rutherford County has seen the highest population growth of Pickett County is the least populated county in Tennessee with a population of just 5, This represents flat population growth since the census.

Most of these counties have experienced negative growth since the census. Of these, Lake County has experienced the most significant population loss of Trousdale County, Tennessee has experienced the highest growth rate in the state since the census at Lauderdale County has experienced the greatest population loss with a growth rate of Population of Counties in Tennessee Inthe most populous county in Tennessee is Shelby County, home of Memphis, withresidents.

Tennessee Counties with Fewest Residents Pickett County is the least populated county in Tennessee with a population of just 5, Tennessee Counties with Rapid Growth Trousdale County, Tennessee has experienced the highest growth rate in the state since the census at Suburban Stats Population demographics. Navigation: Home. Population Demographics for Tennessee Population Demographics by Race and gender.

Male Female Total Total Population 3, 3, 6, White 2, 2, 4, Black or African American, 1, Hispanic or Latino,Some Other Race 80, 61,Two or More Races 53, 56,Asian 42, 48, 91, American Indian 10, 9, 19, Three or more races 3, 3, 6, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander 1, 1, 3, Native Hawaiian Alaska Native tribes 89 Total: 2, Population of Owner occupied homes: 1, Family home: 1, Nonfamily homess:Male led home:Living alone:Not living alone: 35, Female led home:Living alone:Not living alone: 26, Population of Renter occupied homes:Family run homes:Husband-wife family:Other family:Male led with no wife present: 51, Female led with no husband present:Nonfamily Homes:Male led homes:Male living alone:Male not living alone: 46, Female led homes:Females living alone:Females not living alone: 34, Black or African American.

American Indian.

population demographics for tennessee counties

Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander. Native Hawaiian. Some Other Race. Two or More Races. Three or more races. Alaska Native tribes. Hispanic or Latino.Sources: U. Population and Housing Unit Estimates. Additionally, housing unit estimates are produced for the nation, states, and counties.

The timing of the release of estimates varies according to the level of geography. See the Schedule of Releases for more information. Resident Population - All persons who are "usually resident" in a specified geographic area. For the United States, the resident population includes all persons who usually reside in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, but excludes residents of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Island areas under U.

In addition, the U. Armed Forces overseas and civilian U. Estimates Base - The population count or estimate used as the starting point in the estimates process. It can be the most recent updated Census count or the estimate for a previous date within the same vintage. The vintage year e. It may reflect changes from the Count Question Resolution program. Click on the "Scope and Methodology" link for details for each vintage year. Population percent change - The difference between the population of an area at the beginning and end of a time period, expressed as a percentage of the beginning population.

Methodology for U. Embed this in your blog Preview. About this application: This application provides summary profiles showing frequently requested data items from various US Census Bureau programs.

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Profiles are available for the nation, states, and counties. Recommended: Compare states Compare counties Compare cities City rankings. Data Item.

Tennessee Population 2020

Map Rank Table Loading mapThe last official population count for the state of Tennessee was taken during the last nationwide census held in That number reflects a rise of It's estimated that the population has grown even further since the estimate of 6, in Situated in the southeastern sector of the United StatesTennessee is only the 36th largest state in the country by area, but it is the 20th most densely populated.

Although relatively small in terms of numbers, Tennessee provides some interesting statistics in relation to population density.

population demographics for tennessee counties

This is a relatively small area that covers 42, square milessquare kilometers but for every square mile of Tennessee turf, there is an average of The largest city in Tennessee is Memphis in the far west of the state, home topeople according to estimates. The second largest, located in the middle of the state, is Nashville, which had an estimatedresidents.

Read on for more information about Tennessee's population trends, or head across to our US population summary for more information about demographic changes around the country. The median age among the state of Tennessee is approximately When examining the ratio of females to males, the current statistics show females at It was admitted as the State of Tennessee on June 1, Both Territory and State had generally the same boundaries as the present State, except that because of erroneous surveys much of the Tennessee- Kentucky boundary was in dispute for some time; it was not finally resurveyed until Details of the Tennessee- Virginia boundary were not settled until Census coverage in and was limited to the northeastern part of Tennessee and the region around Nashville, and coverage did not include the whole State until The census of the Southwest Territory actually began at the end of July Init was reported that the population of Tennessee was just 35, but like most areas in this part of the world, a population explosion was just over the horizon.

That was by far the biggest spike in the Tennessee population but sustained increases throughout the s meant that by the time the 20th century rolled in, the number of people who lived in Tennessee had just crept over the two million mark. The s showed a similar pattern of overall growth and that has continued to the present day where the Tennessee population in has finally surpassed 6.

Figures relating to the natural growth patterns within Tennessee were released in and they showed that in the six years since the previous census, numbers had increased bydue tobirths minusdeaths, and in addition, there had been a rise ofdue to net migration.

It's projected that Tennessee's population will surpass 7 million by the Census and pass the 7. Tennessee has the 10th largest percentage of African American residents in the nation. The majority of the diverse residents of the state are of English and Scotch-Irish ancestry.

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The state ranks 37th out of 50 states for its Asian American population. The most common ancestries include: American It's estimated that about one quarter of the residents are of predominantly English ancestry.

Interesting population patterns were observed in Tennessee when comparing data from the Census to estimates taken by the Census Bureau. This data showed that population growth by county primarily occurred in the central region of the state.

Montgomery County, located along the northern border of the state, posted a gain of Some counties also had population declines, particularly counties found in the northwestern corner of the state.

The largest loss was recorded in Hardeman County, located along the southern border, which had a population of 5. Age Dependency Ratio.Its estimated population was[3] making it Tennessee's second-most populous city behind Nashvillethe nation's 28th-largestand the largest city situated along the Mississippi River.

Greater Memphis is the 42nd-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with a population of 1, in Memphis is the seat of Shelby County, Tennessee's most populous county. One of the more historic and culturally significant cities of the southern United States, Memphis has a wide variety of landscapes and distinct neighborhoods.

The first European explorer to visit the area of present-day Memphis was Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto in with his expedition into the New World. The high Chickasaw Bluffs protecting the location from the waters of the Mississippi was then contested by the Spanish, French, and the English as Memphis took shape.

Memphis grew into one of the largest cities of the Antebellum South as a market for agricultural goods, natural resources like lumber, and the American slave trade. After the American Civil War and the end of slavery, the city experienced even faster growth into the 20th century as it became among the largest world markets for cotton [8] and lumber. Home to Tennessee's largest African-American population, Memphis played a prominent role in the American civil rights movement and was the site of Martin Luther King Jr.

Since the civil rights era, Memphis has become one of the nation's leading commercial centers in transportation and logistics. In addition to being a global air cargo leader, the International Port of Memphis also hosts the fifth-busiest inland water port in the U.

Memphis is a regional center for commerce, education, media, art, and entertainment. It has long had a prominent music scene[11] with historic blues clubs on Beale Street originating the unique Memphis blues sound in the early 20th century.

The city's music has continued to be shaped by a multicultural mix of influences: the blues, countryrock and rollsouland hip-hop. Memphis-style barbecue has achieved international prominence, and the city hosts the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contestwhich attracts overvisitors to the city annually.

Occupying a substantial bluff rising from the Mississippi River, the site of Memphis has been a natural location for human settlement by varying cultures over thousands of years. They built complexes with large earthwork ceremonial and burial mounds as expressions of their sophisticated culture.

Spain and the United States vied for control of this site, which was a favorite of the Chickasaws. Fort San Fernando de las Barrancas remained a focal point of Spanish activity until, as Holmes summarizes:. The United States gained the right to navigate the Mississippi River and won control over the Yazoo Strip north of the thirty-first parallel.

The Spanish dismantled the fort, shipping its lumber and iron to their locations in Arkansas. Inthe site became the westernmost point of the newly admitted state of Tennessee, in what was then called the Southwest United States. The area was still largely occupied and controlled by the Chickasaw nation.

By this time, the Spanish had departed. Located in the low-lying delta region along the river, its outlying areas were developed as cotton plantations, and the city became a major cotton market and brokerage center. The cotton economy of the antebellum South depended on the forced labor of large numbers of African-American slavesand Memphis also developed as a major slave market for the domestic slave trade.

Through the early 19th century, one million slaves were transported from the Upper South, in a huge forced migration to newly developed plantation areas in the Deep South. Many were transported by steamboats along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Inthe Memphis and Charleston Railroad was completed, connecting Memphis to the Atlantic coast of South Carolina; it was the only east—west railroad constructed across the southern states before the Civil War.

This gave planters and cotton brokers access to the coast for shipping cotton to England, a major market. The city's demographics changed dramatically in the s and s under waves of immigration and domestic migration.

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Due to increased immigration since the s and the Great Famineethnic Irish made up 9. They also gained many elected and patronage positions in the Democratic Party city government, and an Irishman was elected mayor before the Civil War.

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